Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a membership with the Buddify Memberships feature:

  1. Go to the Buddify Memberships settings page in the dashboard. This can be found by clicking on the “Memberships” link in the Buddify section of the menu.
  2. Create a new membership plan. This can be done by clicking on the “Add Membership Plan” button on the Memberships page. Fill in the plan name, description, and other details as desired.
  3. Set the membership plan rules. This includes defining which products will grant access to the membership and what content will be restricted to members only. You can also set up dripped content, which will make content available to members over time.
  4. Assign products to the membership plan. This can be done on the product editing page in the WordPress admin. Simply select the membership plan you created in step 3 from the “Membership” section of the product data metabox.
  5. Set up membership plan pricing. You can either offer the membership for sale as a product in your store, or you can make it available for free with a sign-up form.
  6. Add a sign-up form to your site if you chose to offer the membership for free. You can do this by using the shortcode provided by the WooCommerce Memberships plugin.
  7. Customize the membership plan confirmation email. This email will be sent to users when they complete their membership purchase or sign up for a free membership. You can customize the email content in the Buddify Memberships settings.
  8. Test your membership setup. Make a test purchase or sign up for a free membership to make sure everything is working as expected.
  9. Launch your membership site! Start promoting your new membership to your audience and begin selling access to your exclusive content.

By following these steps, you should be able to create a membership site using the Buddify Memberships feature in no time.