Build strong relationships

Community, E-Learning & Membership software

Create a social learning network for your company, to connect employees, followers or customers. Check the demo site!

Build relationships

Get in touch with potential and new customers. Build trust, authority and authenticity to get people to invest in your products faster.

Get more sales

By building more meaningful relationships, customers are willing to invest more in your products. Get more sales by staying in touch with the people.

Be more productive

With Buddify you can communicate with all your customers in one place. With Groups you can segment people to send the right message to the right person.

Make more fun!

It is very nice to be more in contact with people. You can network, learn from each other and even start collaborations. Make more fun!

Improve your offer

Get in touch with other people and ask for feedback about your product or service. Buddify communities have a higher engagement.

More focus

Buddify has far fewer distractions than, say, Facebook Groups. This gives you more focus on things that are really important for your company.

Buddify is a great way to connect with existing customers and potential buyers.

Community builder

I have over 300 customers paying my € 15,- per month coaching membership!


Buddify is a nice way to create online courses and give customers access to my video courses.

Brand builder

I sell over 10 high ticket online courses per month which makes over 10K per month on revenue.