Online communities are becoming increasingly popular as a way for businesses, organizations and individuals to connect with their audience and build a loyal following. However, creating a thriving online community takes more than just setting up a platform and inviting people to join. One important aspect of community building is providing engaging and valuable content to keep members active and invested in the community. Here are some content creation ideas that can help you keep your online community engaged and growing.

Host webinars and live events

Webinars and live events are a great way to provide valuable content to your community and keep them engaged. These can be used to share industry insights, provide training or tutorials, or host Q&A sessions with industry experts. Webinars can be recorded and shared on your community platform for members who couldn’t attend the live event.

Create an editorial calendar

An editorial calendar can help you plan and organize your content in advance. This can be used to schedule regular posts, such as weekly tips or Q&A sessions, as well as special events like webinars or live chats. Having a content calendar will help ensure that you always have fresh and engaging content to share with your community.

Share user-generated content

Encourage your community members to share their own content by creating a space for user-generated content. This can be done through a forum, a Facebook group, or a designated area on your website. User-generated content can provide valuable insights and perspectives, while also helping to build a sense of community among members.

Create a blog

Blogs can be a great way to provide valuable content to your community on a regular basis. They can be used to share industry news, tips and insights, and to provide a platform for guest bloggers to share their expertise. Blogs can also be used to share stories and testimonials from community members, which can help to build a sense of connection and engagement.

Share video content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular and is an effective way to engage your community. You can create videos that provide tips, tutorials, and insights, or host live video chats where members can ask questions and engage with experts. Video content can also be used to share user-generated content, such as testimonials or success stories.

Leverage social media

Social media is a powerful tool for building and engaging your community. It can be used to share content, such as blog posts or videos, to get recurring visitors to your site.